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About Weardale Ski Club

Weardale ski club is a “not for profit” organisation which has run since 1963 offering real snow skiing in Northeast England. The club is run by volunteers and has a small core of people who work hard all year round to maintain the facilities we have which include 2 permanentDoppelmayr button tows and a large club hut. The 2 tow lifts service a large basin with up to 6 pisted runs, countless unpisted runs and gullies and masses of off-piste options. The site was chosen because it holds the snow longer than surrounding areas due to being north facing and due to its height, 2150 feet (650m). We ski from November to April whenever snow cover is sufficient. Traditionally we try to open on Wednesdays and Weekends but will open other days if conditions are suitable and tow operators available.