Knockhatch Ski and Snowboard Centre

Dry slopes

About Knockhatch Ski and Snowboard Centre

We are an outdoor dry ski and snowboard centre in Hailsham, East Sussex with an improved 110m artificial dry ski slope which creates the perfect conditions for skiing and snowboarding.  We’ve been open since 2001 and our innovative dry slope technology has proved a great success. Our down slope measures 360ft with a vertical drop of 100ft. Since then we have expanded with a nursery slope and Ringo Run and a second drag lift. Our dry slope surface ‘Play Grass’ is a continuous carpet and does not have the voids (notorious for broken fingers and wrists) typical of the surfacing used by most dry slopes. As it is continuous, the bristles do not need to be so rigid, therefore abrasion is rarely a problem. It also has a soft backing so is far softer to fall on. As with other dry surfaces, the slope is mist lubricated for ultimate performance.

  • A continuous even carpet material which build confidence
  • A reduction in accident rates
  • A flexible surface to cover features, ramps, pipes and table tops
  • A top class surface to meet the requirements of every level of user from beginning to expert
  • A metal free surface
  • A cost effective alternative to conventional ski slope surfaces
  • Certified for safety to British Standard BSEN1177