Cardiff Ski & Snowboard Centre

Dry slopes

About Cardiff Ski & Snowboard Centre

Going away skiing? Picking up a new Hobby? Snowboarding with your friends? Fancy a thrilling tubing party? Get ready for the mountains, in the heart of the city centre !!! Whether skiing or snowboarding, new to the sport or with many years experience, we have the facilities to get you prepared.

Located in Fairwater Park, only ten minutes from Cardiff City Centre, Cardiff Ski and Snowboard Centre was built in 1969 by Cardiff City Council. The original slope measured 90 metres and was the one of the first dry slopes in Great Britain.

In 1984 the Centre went through significant changes as the management of the slope was taken over by the governing body of snow sports in Wales- Snowsport Cymru Wales. The Centre not only gained a new management but also added 10 metres to its length and is currently a 100 metre long slope.